Hi there! I'm Austin.


I am the red-headed nomad. Before the age of 12 I had moved 7 times across the country and by the same age I had been to 49 of the 50 U.S. states (I'm coming for you Alaska!). I've also traveled to Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria and plan to eventually travel through most of Europe throughout the years. I currently reside in Louisville, KY. I have a passion for creating all sorts of content, playing soccer, and video games. If you have great ideas I'd love to hear and talk about them. If you'd like to discuss my past, present, or future projects, want to work on a project with me, or just want to meet someone new please feel free to message me on my contact page!


My social life, in a nutshell.



Music is always nice:

My Playlist of all good things on Google Play. I suggest listening on shuffle.