So you decided to click through after all… Awesome!

Except… I didn’t really plan further than this. I mean, there’s those nice links up top to my resume, my Etsy shop, and even some of my work. Aside from that, I’m more of a “let’s talk in person and really get to know each other over some pizza” kind of guy.

But you came here with a purpose! So the least I can do is provide you with a few little fun facts about me:

  • I’m un-ironically red-headed.

  • I’ve been to 49 U.S. states (I’m coming for you Alaska!)

  • I love the Goonies, Stranger Things, Star Wars (don’t ask me about The Last Jedi though), and most sci-fi and gaming things.

  • I am a descendant of the guy from Braveheart. Well, the historical guy that inspired the character. At least that’s what my father’s said.

  • I’m currently based in the SoCal area (it’s totally gnarly dude).

  • My Adobe Creative Type - The Visionary

  • My Predictive Index Personality type - The Captain

For anything else you’d like to learn, you’ll just have to contact me. Let’s work together, be friends, or more preferably, both! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your internet perusing!


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